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Executive committee

Michael Meaney McGill University / Douglas Hospital

Josie Diorio Lab manager / Financial officer

Kieran O’Donnell McGill University / Douglas Hospital

Patricia Silveira McGill University / Douglas Hospital

Helene Gaudreau Study Coordinator


Available datasets (printable form)



  • All individuals to be involved in the studies must be listed in Section 1
  • All projects must be undertaken under the supervision of an executive PI (see list below). Graduate students, post-doctoral fellows and other trainees must be supervised/co-supervised by a executive PI
  • Project outlines should be structured as follows:
    • Objectives
    • Hypotheses
    • Rationale
    • Research Approach
  • The project outline should be a maximum of 1 page, 12 point, 2cm margins.
  • Data sets to be accessed should be indicated from the list below
  • Any new measures to be introduced should be identified, and must be approved by the Executive, and then the appropriate ethics review board.
  • Detailed information as to all of the data sets you wish to access needs to be given. If only a subset of data is required within the set, this should be detailed.


  • All proposals will be reviewed by the Executive committee. Meetings are held every two months though the group can meet as required by teleconference. Meeting dates are posted on the web site and proposal should be submitted one week prior to the Executive meeting to ensure review.
  • The Executive will identify if other investigators should be included. Once approved the proposal will be listed on the website (restricted access) so that all PIs and co-PIs can provide feedback and input.
  • Once feedback has been provided the lead PI will receive.
  • access to the data sets requested.
  • No secondary analysis of data provided to a PI should be undertaken without written approval of the Executive.

Publications and Presentations:

  • It is the responsibility of the study PI to ensure that the data are prepared for publication in a timely fashion (see publication process below).
  • All presentations and abstracts made using any material from the Meaney laboratory set must acknowledge the CIHR and Ludmer Foundation.
  • All abstracts containing any material should be submitted to the Executive (through Meaney lab email?) along with full details of the meeting to which it has been submitted.
  • Process to publication
    • All manuscripts containing any material from the data set must be submitted to the Executive prior to submission for publication. This will be rapidly reviewed by the Executive and any suggestions with respect to content and authorship will be transmitted back to the lead PI.